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11/12/04 - Identity Scam: Phishing Emails ...
10/08/04 - Port 25 Filters to combat junk email and spam
09/30/04 - Check and update your DNS settings to make sure they're "server assigned"

08/08/04 - Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 ...
07/27/04 - Mydoom virus is spreading rapidly ...
05/28/04 - Customers with SBC IPs of 70.240.x.x and 70.241.x.x may be unable to connect . . .
05/23/04 - Critical Security Update for Macintosh OS X Help Viewer . . .
05/04/04 - Sasser (LSASS.exe Error) and Gaobot (Agobot) Worm Removal . . .
05/03/04 - Worm Threat: Immediate Action Required . . .

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Account Services

  • SpamShield Product* - Want to avoid junk e-mail ("spam") and other unwanted messages? Spamshield allows you to apply your own junk email controls.
  • MailLink Product* - If you elect to create a Bulk Mail folder with Spamshield, you will need to use Maillink to check email that is identified as spam and placed in the Bulk Mail folder.
  • *Note: The MailLink & SpamShield products were designed to work with Internet Explorer 5.0 and up.
    MailLink should not be used with Netscape due to some authentication issues that do not allow proper sign-out from the application.

  • Change Password - A convenient way to change your password. SBC Internet Services wants to remind customers about the importance of changing Internet account passwords often. The industry recommends that you change passwords at least every 90 days.
  • DNS Request Form - Use this form to provide the DNS Management Administrator at SBC Internet Services with up-front information about your network.
  • Personal Home Page - Activate or cancel your home page on the World Wide Web.
  • Sub Accounts - Set-up and manage a sub account, and get another e-mail address.
  • Important Account Information - Our Terms and Conditions for Dialup, Terms and Conditions for DSL Internet, Acceptable Use Policy and Support Parameters.
  • 800 Premium Access – Add or remove the 800 Premium Access Service to your account - allowing you to connect to Internet using a low-cost 800 number. Note – Use of the 800 Premium Access number incurs 10 cent per minute charges which will appear on your bill.

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