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How to check settings on a account already set up on Outlook Express

  1. To begin checking your Outlook Express settings double-click on the Outlook Express icon located on your desktop.
  2. Single-click on Tools across the top of the page.
  3. Go down to Accounts and single-click on it.
  4. Single-click on Mail across the top.
  5. Single-click on Properties.

  6. NOTE: If you have more than one account set up with Outlook Express, you must first select the one that pertains to your Pacbell account.
  7. Under Mail Account we suggest you use your username with Pacbell, although in this field you can use whichever name you wish. 
    This field is merely to identify which mail user is currently in use within Outlook Express, if you were to have multiple users with 
    different e-mail addresses.

  8. NOTE: Your username is the first part of your e-mail address with Pacbell.
  9. Next to Name type in your full name.
  10. Leave Organization blank.
  11. Next to E-mail address type in your e-mail address with Pacbell.
  12. Leave Reply address blank.
  13. Place a check in Include this account when doing a full Send and Receive.
  14. Single-click on the Servers tab.
  15. Next to Outgoing mail (SMTP) type in
  16. Next to Incoming mail (POP3) type in
  17. Under Incoming Mail Server place a dot in Log on using.
  18. Next to Account name type in your Pacbell e-mail address.

  19. Example:
  20. Next to Password type in your password with Pacbell.
  21. Do not place a check in Log on using Secure Password Authentication.
  22. Do not place a check in My server requires authentication.
  23. Single-click on the Connection tab.
  24. Under Connection place a dot in Connect using my phone line if you are using your dial-up account to access the Internet. If you are using DSL, place a dot in Connect Using My Local Area Network and skip to step #23.
  25. Under Use the following Dial Up Networking connection click on the down arrow and select your Pacbell connection.
  26. Single-click on the Security tab.
  27. Do not place a check in Use a digital ID when sending secure messages from.
  28. Single-click on the Advanced tab.
  29. Under Outgoing mail (SMTP) put 25 in the box.
  30. Do not place a check in This server requires a secure connection (SSL).
  31. Under Incoming mail (POP3) put 110 in the box.
  32. Do not place a check in This server requires a secure connection (SSL).
  33. Under Server timeouts set it all the way to the right on 5 minutes.
  34. Under Delivery, do not place a check in Leave a copy of messages on server.
  35. Under Sending, do not place a check in Break apart messages larger than.
  36. Single-click on OK.
  37. Single-click on Close.
  38. Congratulations! Your Outlook Express settings are configured.

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